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 “Andrew Caryl’s “Taboo” featuring ColorMind and Robbie Rosen is a genre-blending triumph that defies expectations. The song effortlessly merges elements of pop, R&B, and electronic music, resulting in a refreshingly innovative sound.”
~ Sarah Jickling, LITN 

All I Want

“Lush, passionate vocals which soar effortlessly over the upbeat production, beautifully infusing the song with a memorable dose of emotion and a touch of euphoria. An overall warm, uplifting atmosphere perfect for a carefree summer’s day!”
~ CAESAR Live N Loud 

In the style of Martin Garrix, Avicii, Tobtok or PLS&TY this one is just one where you hit play and instantly get drawn in, thanks to some great sound design, catchy melody and matching lyrics.”
~MYWLT (Music You Wanna Listen To)

“Combining a light vocal pop house with a deep progressive / deep house sound, ‘All I Want’ creates a pleasant atmosphere of a carefree summer day, thoroughly pumped with positive emotions and euphoria.”

“Brilliant deep melodic electro track with a deep groove and smooth vibes. this will let you forget the world around you and will let people delve into a different stratosphere. the sound design and production quality are next level .”


“These artists definitely are worthy of your attention”
~ Music by Humans ‘Artists to Watch’

“Shivers” offers a very accessible Pop Dance new version, the vocal is lovely, very inviting, the bouncy and trendy Slap House bass/drums generate a nice smooth groove, they synergize well with the feel-good piano arrangements, it is well-produced and a quality cover/remix. A melodious, warm, happy, fun, and creative hit for sure.”

“An absolute anthem!”
~ Stereofox

Silent Romance

“This has chart success written all over it, it has the vibe that seems to be hitting the spot just now. Nice use of synths on the vocals. Love it!”
~ Ricky Spence, To Indie and Beyond

“Andrew Caryl’s “Silent Romance” is the ultimate jam that does everything to give us all something exciting in time for Summer. It excels in making a digestible creative sound that stands out with amazing production that makes you want to dance, strong vocals that shine in their presence, and well-crafted lyrics that are perfect in their articulation for this love story to come to life.”
~ Robert Waterson, Honk magazine

“The first notes of the piece and the clear and powerful voice plunge us into the John Legend universe as in “All of me”,  it is indeed an original title in which the motif “It’s only a dream” returns in a great way.”
~ Radio Castor

“These days, artists slap on Autotune and call it a day, so this is quite refreshing. The warmth within the record is really comforting and the instrumental feels extremely well thought out.”
~ Death or Desire Blog

“Great sounds, great mix and a tremendous voice, culminated with a catchy rhythm that you do not want to stop listening to. This is one of those songs worthy of being at the top of the charts.”

“Punchy drum machine backbone pulse. Rolling chorused guitars. Steady low end. Introspective yet reflective lyrics that feel like a stream of personal consciousness. Soaring melody lines. Anthemic hooks. Well crafted. Keep it up.”
~ Music on the Moon 

“A very beautiful and unique style – undoubtedly a niche between genres. Distinctive and outstanding.”
~ Juan Dieguez, Rock Al Palo 

“A fun free-spirited blend of hip hop and pop with a slick flow and awesome vocal work.”
~ We All Want Someone to Shout For Blog 

“I like how directly this song is focused on the vocals. There is a big commercial pop vibe here that extends from a sense of intimacy and raw emotion. The drum mix really elevates the energy. Nice job!”
~ Chill Filtr Blog


“These artists definitely are worthy of your attention” 
~ Music by Humans ‘Artists to Watch’

 a composition of extreme intensity and that excites at all times”
~ Roadie Music Blog

““Enough” not only impresses with its lyricism, but it’s musical composure as well. The vocals are backed with rushing beats, synths, and instrumentals that coalesce into a very intense, emotional listening experience.  Andrew Caryl and Okafuwa have really impressed us with “Enough,” and, like the title, we can’t get enough of it! We look forward to future music from both of these talented artists!”
~  Tiare Pito, Gasmask Magazine


“Change, Andrew Caryl’s latest single is one of a kind. Put it on repeat while with your loved one and all will be well. It’s a must listen.”
~Marc Steve, Spotlight

The End

The End has quite a mainstream pop sound from the start, but it differs from a lot of the music currently in the charts, having a dark edge to it. The little guitar line that runs throughout the song provides a backbone to the music, increasing the tension and atmosphere. It’s also incredibly catchy, especially on the chorus!”
~Jane Hawkins, York Calling

“… the bass engulfs us until we ultimately feel the drop, and we are then fulfilled and in the hands of the artists entirely. We think this is a great example of collaboration from the producer and vocalists work.”
~death or desire Blog

“The End”, Andrew Caryl and okafuwa’s latest release is energetic and danceable, with a strong flow and introspective lyrics.” 
~Gleison Junior, Roadie Music Magazine


“Entering our top 100 at #5 this week is ‘Sugar’ from Andrew Caryl and Robbie Rosen. The vocals are crystal clear and the electric pop melody is like a cherry soda. This single is Summer worthy and hopefully will be charting sooner than that. I have this one on repeat.”
~ Jacqueline Jax, AVA Live Radio

” ‘Sugar’ is already creating a buzz among fans. The simple hearty tune along with the accompanying relaxing vocals; end up evoking emotions and keeping listeners hooked. ” 
~Kay Russo, Stereo Saints

 “Andrew Caryl and Robbie Rosen have created a song that could be the love child between Taylor Swift and Harry Styles – and they call it ‘Sugar’. ” 
~ Sebastian Sodergren, POPMUZIK

“Andrew Caryl collaborates with Robbie Rosen (past contestant on Season 10 of American Idol) for the release of  “Sugar”. The Texas-based music producer, songwriter and artist adds to his remarkable profile with this appealing and attractive masterpiece. Robbie Rosen’s vocals beautifully highlight the song’s metaphorical lyrics.” 
~ Elsa Bansi, UNORTHODOXReviews 

Back to You

“Andrew Caryl and Ana Roze, as if wizards and musicians, juggle your mood, focusing on a dynamic rhythm section, beautiful vocals and a high quality arrangement. In short – everyone will find something personal in this bright new track.”
~Nagamag  Magazine 

“With boldness and a lot of quality, the American musician Andrew Caryl has been gradually releasing intelligent singles with impeccable production – and great collaborations which add even more value to the works of this artist.  Now, Caryl has released the engaging and seductive ballad “Back To You”, where cadenced and passionate beats are the just right basis for the incredible singing of Ana Roze.” 
~Gleison Junior, Roadie Music Magazine


“Picture leaves an imprint on your mind. Zita’s impressive, soothing violin playing at the beginning gives the track an epic soundtrack feel.  Rosen’s honest and moving vocals, along with his and Caryl’s writing, pull at your heartstrings…”
~Michelle Vaccaro, Gasmask Magazine


 “With a vibe geared towards the Latin swing, and with vocal lines that are, simply, wonderful, Mirame is a song that makes us fall in love with each beat, with each word uttered, trapping us in a magic that there is no escape.”
~Fabiano Menon, Roadie Music

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